As a remote worker who is also tech-addicted to say I use the internet on a daily basis would be a gross understatement. I rely on a good connection not just for casual streaming and day to day activities but for work and also the plethora of ever increasing smart home devices we seem to be accumulating. Using the router / modem supplied by your ISP is good enough for most folks, however if you find yourself connecting a few game consoles, streaming boxes, laptops and smart home devices you’re going to need something that can handle all of that additional traffic – that’s where this Asus comes in. After doing much research I landed on this particular model because it offered every single modern amenity I was looking for – WiFi 6, multi band support, incredible signal strength and EIGHT LAN PORTS, yes, EIGHT and even some fast USB 3 ports for good measure. There are also options for folks who like to really fine tune their settings for maximum performance.

I’ve been using and testing this router for a while and it doesn’t disappoint. On an AT&T 2G Fiber connection I am easily getting 900mpbs over wifi on my laptop, and similar results on phones and tablets. I would say it also increased the range and signal strength by 40% around the home and property (just a guesstimate). There are useable wifi signals in places where I could barely pull up a speedtest page prior, so it’s a big improvement.

Bottom line: This router gets the job done, connects all of your latests devices with the most up to date standards and security. It can be set up as simply or as complicated as you want and either way it will serve you well for your work and home needs.