The list

Nobody wants to buy junk. I spend a lot of time researching and learning about products because I only like to buy them once. These are all things that I personally use and love and I stand by these decisions. This stuff might not work for you, that’s okay, everyone is different. Oh yeah, if you click the links to buy any of this stuff, it could possibly benefit me, so just know that. 

Apple 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max Chip with 10‑Core CPU and 32‑Core GPU

I have been using Apple computers in some capacity since I was in grade school. What I love about these machines is that they are extremely powerful, intuitive and they just get out of the way and let me do the work I’m trying to do. This machine is no exception – everything I have thrown at it from high resolution 4K video to 100-megapixel photos it slices through the tasks like butter. 

Also, worth noting I haven’t had a virus in 20 years using a Mac.

Dyson V10 Animal

Let’s cut straight to it – is the high price tag worth it? Yes it is. Why would you get this instead of a Shark or something similar? Because you want a filter-free vacuum designed by a genius that lasts forever, is easy to fix and cleans your floors better than anything else on the market due to it’s insanely powerful motor. From their traditional corded vacuums to the small battery powered units, my rugs and floors have never been cleaner.

Also, you never need to pay full retail for a Dyson – you can save tons of money buying these manufacturer-refurbished on eBay.

Heir Waterpipe 13

Smoking is a super bad habit – that said if you’re a slave to said habit you may as well have some nice pieces to smoke out of. For those who want something a little more grown up, modern and understated than the usual neon-colored phallic pipes at your local smoke shop, I highly recommend any of Heir’s products. 

This is what Darth Vader would smoke out of. If Jony Ive designed pipes this would be what he would make. Beautiful to look at, easy to take apart and clean, and they even have replacement parts readily available for a fair price if something breaks. 

This was a gift and it’s one of my favorites ever – my version has the darker glass and I also purchased the coozie which is also nicely made and makes it so you don’t have to see the nasty bits. 

Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug

This is the perfect mug. I have been using these for over a decade and they still make me happy every time I pull them out of the cabinet and pour a cup. I have gifted these to many friends and they all enjoy using them as well.

Not only do these amazing little mugs keep your drinks hotter, for longer, you can also heat them up in the microwave and because of the double-walled construction only the liquid in the cup heats while the outside remains cool to the touch.

They are made out of laboratory grade glass, dishwasher safe, they’re shock-proof and if you take care of them they will last forever. 

Fellow Stagg EKG

In my opinion the simplest and best ways to make coffee at home is using a French press. The only downside to the process the is the time spent heating up your water, but the Fellow Stagg makes that a bit less painless. 

It has a very simple and intuitive dial that you spin and click to operate. The small LCD screen feels futuristic and the overall design is something akin to a Dieter Rams design for Braun in the 1960s.

I chose the gooseneck version of this kettle because I also like to make pour-over coffee which this kettle excels at, in fact it’s used a number of barista competitions around the world due to it’s well-balanced and thoughtful design.

Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can

Simplehuman makes great products. I have personally owned one of their rectangular step trash cans since the early 2000s. It has been through 6 moves and the step mechanism still works as well as the day I got it. 

I know that nobody wants to spend $200 on a trash can, but if you have to have your trash can out in a public part of your home, you want it look halfway decent in that space. These Simplehuman cans are stylish, well designed, have hidden compartments for extra bags and odor absorbers. Stuff you won’t find on a $40 Rubbermaid can. 

Note that you do NOT need to buy their bags, you can use any trash bags you want, just know that some fit better than others. I find that standard 13 gallon bags work fine in the 55L unit.